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Does crashplan really offer unlimited storage?

Some months ago i’ve discovered Crashplan and i couldn’t believe my eyes. They say, that you have unlimited backup storage for just 3$ per Month!

So i though, let’s give Crashplan a try. A one year license for 49,99$ isn’t that much money you risk. The data, that i wanted to backup has a size of 3.1TB and the computer has a 100MBit connection to the Internet.

Finally, i started the backup: And how long does it take? Just 2.8 years! Well, i think, it’s not a big surprise at all. If they were not lying about the unlimited disk space, they would have to limit the bandwidth to make it a profitable service.

If you want to use crashplan to backup just some small files to the “cloud”, it can be a good product. But if you try to use it as a real backup solution for your disks, you should better use another computer, since the backup takes about 1 year per TB, which is about 1 Week per 20GB.

So does Crashplan really offer unlimited storage? In theory yes, but in practice i have to say no.

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  1. mweber,

    What was the transfer speed you were seeing to CrashPlan? How long was the backup running at that speed?

  2. Very nice observation. I think there is no really unlimited storage especially computer files matter, surely there are limitations and no extensions. Anyways, thanks for this post. I believe Crashplan is just taking this opportunity to earn profit since people will be interested in this.

  3. My backup is running near the full speed of my broadband connection — 800kbps (~80kBps or 48GB/week). I’ll give it a try through the work 100Mb connection. I’m backing up 300GB that changes infrequently (so subsequent updates are not an issue) and am happy for this to take a few weeks — no other service offers this much space at such a low price.

    I initially missed the speed throttling under the settings->network options. From memory I think this defaults to 300kbps.

    Something for others to keep in mind is that on an ADSL connection upstream traffic is much slower than downstream.

    • the messured values were without throttling.

      Maybe the throttling depends on the total size of the backup or something like that.

      Since i’ve ordered my account in last january and i didn’t renew it, i cannot give any feedback about the current upload speed.

  4. I just backed up 25GB in two hours. Speeds varied 8-30Mbps on the 100Mbps connection.

  5. If you go to setting you can go to the Network tab to configure the speed that you upload your information.
    If that is not enough you can seed up to 1TB of your initial backup but at the cost of $125.

  6. evilgom said:

    I am trying to backup 3 machines with 4Tb each and had no problems until I reached 2Tb. since then crashplan is crashing all the time. I am in contact with tech support and seems to be a problem with java memory. if you have a 32bit machine (windows 7), you cannot go higher with java memory, therefore then crashplan crashes. The tech support is trying to solve the problem, but more and more I think it is just that the program is not build to deal with such high archives. So I wounder how “unlimited” their offer is…

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